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"Hide Object When" And disable calculations of hidden fields

Question asked by MattW_1 on Oct 1, 2017
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I have two submit buttons one in “blue” and one in “grey”.  The Grey button overlays when  “Quantity1, Quantity2, Quantity3, etc) don’t have any data in their fields to alert the user before submitting.


There are at any giving time 1-10 of these quantity fields. They’re hidden based on if the order calls for that quantity.


So here’s where I have the issue.  If I have a “hide object when” for the blue button “isempty” for each of those quantity fields. It works great “if” quantity fields  1-10 are on that record. The problem comes in if let’s say 1-4 quantity are on the record and 5-10 are “hidden” on this record.


When the fields are hidden I haven’t found a way to NOT analyze the quantity fields that are hidden which change record to record.