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San Diego FileMaker User Group Meeting 10/16

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The San Diego FileMaker User Group is meeting Monday, October 16th at 5:30 PM at our office (address below). There will be pizza, other appetizers, beer, and soft drinks available. We’ll have some time to mingle a bit before the presentations begin. If you are in the area and you use FileMaker Pro or are interested in learning about what FileMaker Pro can do, please come by.


We are continuing our exploration of the new features in FileMaker 16 and how they change how you might design a FileMaker Custom app. We have a couple of topics on tap, but there is also some time for general Q and A.

Error Trapping

Presented by, Todd Geist

Let’s face it. Bad things happen. When that happens in your Custom FileMaker Application you want to make sure you catch and handle those errors in a graceful way.  The first part of that strategy is trapping errors in your script. We’ll take a look at some simple Error Trapping strategies that can use to make your FileMaker Applications better able to handle the unexpected.  We’ll see how FileMaker 16’s Native JSON function once again proove to be critical in how we solve this problem.

Server Side PDF Generation

Presented by, Dave Graham

FileMaker 16 brings with it the ability to generate PDFs on the server. We’ll take a look at this new feature and how it can be used with Server-Side Scripting and Web Direct. You’ll see how you can email beautiful PDF reports from the server on a schedule without having to run a robot machine. We’ll also see exactly how to make this work on Web Direct.


Geist Interactive, San Diego
1555 1st Street, San Diego, CA 92101

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