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Trying to Append but tells me it can't create the file. (?)

Question asked by amica on Oct 1, 2017
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I'm working in FM12 Pro. I have inherited a script in which I would save a new file as a PDF and then append several more pages as PDF and it worked fine.  As I wanted a high quality graph as my first page I thought I would create the first page in a separate PDF (called Atest.pdf) and then append additional PDF pages in FM12 , but I get a message saying it can't create the file in the directory I chose.  I don't understand the difference between it working with a PDF it has created and saved in the directory or one that is already saved in the directory before starting to append.



Set Variable [$filename;Value:"filewin:/Users/Andrea/Atest.pdf"]

Go to Layout .....

Go to Record ....

Print setup [Restore;No Dialog]

Save Records as PDF [Restore; Append; No dialog; "$filename"; Current record]



The script works if the last line is

Save Records as PDF [Restore; No dialog; "$filename"; Current Record]

and it just creates a new file.


I've havent found any other messages with this particular problem so I suspect I have missed something really obvious :-/ . Any help very appreciated.