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How to convert checkbox values to numerical values?

Question asked by drmaestro on Oct 1, 2017
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I have a database for a medical scoring system. It consists of 5 subcategories. The first 4 subcategories are pop-up menu items, where the user chooses one option only but the last subcategory is a checkbox with 4 answers, where the user can choose as many as he/she wants (from choosing none of them to choosing all of the 4 options). I need to calculate a numerical score depending on the answers.


1) For the first 4 subcategories I have created a calculated numerical fieald and  used the "Case" command to transform text values to numerical values (for example:  Case (Echogenicity = "Anechoic";0; Echogenicity = "Hyperechoic or isoechoic";1; Echogenicity = "Hypoechoic";2; Echogenicity = "Very hypoechoic";3;) //case ) Using this approach, I can get a numerical value for each of the 4 subcategories and then add them using the sum function.


2) For the 5th category with checkboxes, I don't know how to calculate the score. I need to assign to the 4 checkboxes a score ranging from 0 to 3 and then add the values of the checked ones to generate the score of the 5th subcategory. Any help would be appreciated.


And a bonus question which seems too hard to me with my current knowledge: On the first subcategory, there is a specific pop-up option that, if chosen by the user, should directly assign a score of 0 to the total score and all of the other options should be prevented from affecting the score. Would it be possible to add a specific command to the final sum function that would allow this? [To add some context, this is a scoring system used to classify thyroid nodules. The first subcategory is about the nodule's sonographic composition. It can be solid, cystic, mixed, or spongiform. If its composition is spongiform, the the final score of that nodule should be 0, regardless of its other charatheristics]