Perform Script in remote file BUG

Discussion created by woytovich on Oct 2, 2017
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I have a client's "MASTER" file HOSTED on an FMS at a hosting company.

I have a copy of that "MASTER" file on a development FMS at my office.


After that copy was made I added a script to both MASTER files. (wrote it on one, copy/paste to the other)


I have a LOCAL file that calls that script in the MASTER file.


In my LOCAL file I set up the External File Reference to the MASTER file on the hosted FMS.


I set up the script in the LOCAL file to call the MASTER file script on the hosted FMS.


All is well.


I then change the External File Reference to the MASTER file on my development server.


Now when I look at the script in the LOCAL file I would expect one of two things: the Perform Script step to the script on the MASTER file would either:

1. still be connected to the correct script

or (more likely)

2. show <unknown> for the name of the script it is looking to call.


BUT INSTEAD the call is linking to an entirely different script. It has a different script in the Perform script call - one that has nothing to do with the process.


Clearly this is a bug.