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Different merge field widths from first to subsequent pages.

Question asked by simon_0863 on Oct 2, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 17, 2017 by philmodjunk

Hi I have a need to be able to produce a multipage letter informing customers of a product they have bought. The first page of the letter has a text area 2/3 the width of the page. The remaining 1/3 is used for summary information, regulatory statements etc. needed about the product. Conventional fields on the layout make up this summary information panel.

Subsequent pages have full width text, with no right side summary information.


At the moment the letters are produced by a placing differing sized merge field on each page, this is OK but it means that every time a letter is changed or the texts that make up pages are significantly updated all the letters need to be checked to make sure the text fits in each of the fields.


Ideally I need a way of defining one merge field that can take up less width on page 1 and full width on the others.  Or find a way of allowing text to overflow between fields on a layout once it hits the limits of the text box that constrains it.

Iv’e searched forum and documentation and cannot find any other ways of doing other that our current semi manual process.


Any suggestions gratefully received.



FM15 Pro Advanced windows

FM15 server (Windows).