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FM WebDirect: Very very slow inserting to containers

Question asked by ergo99 on Oct 2, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 3, 2017 by ergo99

I have an FM Pro 16 solution which is hosted on FM Server and accessible via WebDirect. Everything has been working fine, but in the past week all web users (and only web users) have had an issue uploading files to a container field.


Whether dragging and dropping, right-clicking and selecting 'Insert into Container', or clicking a button which runs an Insert File script-step, after clicking 'upload' the interface will effectively freeze and be largely unresponsive whilst the container field remains empty.


Users can still type into most fields, but none of the data is being committed, no conditional value lists work, no drop-down lists/pop-up menus appear, can't change the active record etc. (effective freezing). You also can't sign-out. When you then close the tab and re-login, you can't modify the record because FM obviously thinks the former instance is still running (i.e. "web direct user modifying this record"). This goes away after about 5 mins when an automatic log-out occurs.


However, I realised that the insert function is actually still working, it just takes very very long. After about 10 minutes a "frozen" interface I was troubleshooting unfroze and was working fine again with the file uploaded. So in reality, it is just very slow.


In the past, file upload/container insert worked almost instantaneously on WebDirect as they are small files (~100KB). There are no other problems with containers on WebD -- you can still delete, export, open onto a new interactive container layout etc. You just can't upload/insert.


The problem was repeated on Chrome, Safari, Microsoft Edge and Firefox. It also occurred in other container fields/newly created test ones, whether interactive ones or just displaying a thumbnail. Also repeated on other layouts.


Not sure what to do from here because it's an essential part of the solution and has/will continue to cause a headache because all records will have to be revisited to upload the files that have been missed due to the issue. Any advice will be appreciated.