Interactive PDF fails despite recommended process

Discussion created by disabled_dbail22@comcast.net on Oct 2, 2017
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Viewing interactive PDF files on a Mac is only half way there.  You can view a PDF file but none of the interactive controls appear.  A year ago I traced a problem to the SSL certificate.  Now it is back again.  Preview is set as the default. No Adobe product is installed. All Internet plug ins have been found and deleted.  I installed Adobe Reader and then deleted it and reset the default to Preview and deleted the plugins again.  I reinstalled Filemaker 16.0.2.  I double checked the SSL certificate and tried it on a local Mac.  I am not sure but this appears to have started up again with the installation of High Sierra.  Is there some definitive way to make this work?  I even created a new database with one field. Inserted a PDF file.  Again I can only view not use the interactive controls.  Help???