Formatting Bug in FM16 Time Popups

Discussion created by yodarunamok on Oct 3, 2017
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Product and version:

FileMaker Pro Advanced (others not using Advanced originally reported this bug to me)

Note that I checked this in FileMaker 14, and the behavior is the same, but the user reporting this had just moved from FileMaker 13.



OS and version:

Mac OS X version 10.12.6




MacBook Pro (15-inch, 2016) (again, this is what I'm using, but others have seen this on different hardware)




In FileMaker 16, when working with a time field formatted as a popup, times entered in 24 hour format are always displayed as such, regardless of formatting applied on the field. Edit boxes and Drop-down Lists work fine. This behavior was not present in  earlier versions of FileMaker, though I can't be 100% sure that appeared first in FileMaker 16, as the person who noticed the bug had just switched from either FileMaker 13 or 14.



How to replicate:

  1. Create a new file (I called mine Date_Format_Test.)
  2. Add a single time field to the database called "test_time", and click "OK" to exit database management.
  3. In layout mode on the default layout, ensure that test_time is formatted to display as "hhmm" in 12 hour format.
  4. duplicate the test_time field twice:
    1. leave one instance of the field as an Edit Box;
    2. change the second instance of the field to a Pop-up Menu;
      1. give this field a Value List with custom values that are times (I used times on the hour and half hour between 10 am and 1:30 pm, inclusive.)
    3. change the final instance of the field to a Drop-down List, with the same value list as above.
  5. Enter browse mode, and enter 13:00 in the edit box.
  6. Click out of the field to commit the change.
  7. You will note that the time is displayed based on the formatting specified in step 2 for the Edit box and Drop-down List, but the Pop-up Menu displays the time in 24 hour format, as entered.




Use a Drop-down List rather than a Pop-up Menu in these situations.

If the above isn't feasible, place an Edit Box which doesn't allow data entry in front of the Pop-up Menu.