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Discussion created by ClickWorks on Oct 4, 2017
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Product and version: FileMaker Server 16.02.212 (team license, single machine deployment)

OS and version: Windows Server 2008 R2 Enterprise

Browser and version (for WebDirect only): Chrome, Safari, Microsoft Edge

Hardware: CPU: Xeon E620, 12 GB RAM



We have a customer that has mapped port 4443 on the external router's interface to the standard SSL port 443 on the FileMaker Server in the internal network. The reason is that they are using Microsoft Remote Workplace which is using port 443 as well. This setup has been working fine with WebDirect and FileMaker Server 15. After upgrading to FileMaker Server 16, the WebDirect Login form does not appear. I can see the HTML code, but it has the 'hidden' css class attribute and doesn't show up. If - using my browser's inspector - I remove the 'hidden' class, the login container shows, I can login and everything is working fine. I suspect there is an issue with an AJAX  call and some logic in the javascript code.


How to replicate:

Configure a regular instance of FileMaker Server 16 in a single machine deployment on Windows Server 2008 R2 (or 2012, I don't think it makes a difference). Configure a setup with an router that maps a non standard SSL port on its external interface to port 443 on the FileMaker Server. Connect with FileMaker webdirect on the configured non standard SSL port on the external interface of the router.


Workaround (if any):

I removed the 'hidden' class from login container (div with id (login_dialog_wrapper') in the the login.html file in the FileMaker Server installation, in the subfolder with the code that Vaadin uses for the launchcenter. But this clearly is a hack.