Self healing auto enter calc - Let function

Discussion created by ericjlindholm on Oct 3, 2017
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All of the following is done with the goal of squeezing every bit of WAN performance out of my DB that i can. 


I am toying with the idea of some self healing auto enter calcs.  I am converting some unstored calculations into auto-enter calcs where it makes sense and finding huge performance gains.  I need to script these refreshes from a few different places and even contexts.


I would like to use a let function to say that any time a field is modified to anything else, it will evaluate itself and reset to the proper value. 





field invoice::amountDue  isan of auto-enter calc


Let ( [

~x = Self

~invoiceTotal  =  invoice::total

~paid = Sum ( invoice_paymentItems::amount)


~invoiceTotal - ~paid



after a new payment item is created, I can set the field amountDue to itself ( or any other value if i screw it up )  from any context and it will evaluate with the new value.   the  field will also evaluate if the invoice total is modified.  but it will not evaluate any other time. 


I have also thought about including a field that will function as an auto-enter fixer.  I can include it in the let statements of all my auto-enters and set it to true at any point to refresh them all if needed.


Am I missing anything with this thought process?