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recover.log file in FM Go

Question asked by johnwhite on Oct 3, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 4, 2017 by johnwhite

When FM Go 15 opens a file that's been improperly closed, does it generate a recover.log file, the way the desktop application does? If yes, how does one access that file?


I've been looking into the discussions about the causes of file damage on iPads, particularly the improper closing of files. In the discussion "Avoiding Corrupted Files in FM GO" TSGal gave the most confident answer (quoted below), but the suggestion to "hit the home button once before killing the app" doesn't make sense to me.


I think one could get definitive answers by running various scenarios and reviewing the recover.log file.


If anyone knows the status of that file, let us know.


Killing the app is equivalent to force quitting the desktop application, so a lot depends on what the file/solution was doing at the time the force quit was initiated.


The best action is to close your file before killing the app, or hit the home button once before killing the app.