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How to change what field a text box gets/saves its data?

Question asked by japhon on Oct 3, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 3, 2017 by Jaymo

Is it possible to somehow change what field a text box gets/saves its data inside a tab based on which record is selected in a portal outside of the tab box?


Let me explain further. I have a solution for listing all of the different mental health licenses a given state offers. Each license has its own set of education, supervision, and training requirements (see attached image). Right now I have a layout view for a state_database which contains a portal that contains the different licenses that state has (populated by a license_database). Under that, I have 4 tabs called Training Requirements, Supervision Requirements, Education Requirements, and Fees & Endorsement. Each of those tabs contain a text box where I can enter text that describes the different state laws that describe the given requirements. Those text boxes are connected to fields in the license_database. How can I program those text fields inside each tab to change based on which record is selected in the license_database portal. This seems like it should be pretty easy, so I'm probably missing something obvious. Can anyone offer some advice on how to do this correctly.  Thanks!