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simply JOIN table activity

Question asked by AlexanderGrefrath on Oct 4, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 5, 2017 by beverly

this is probably  dumb one. But searching for "JOIN" provides answers to complex scenarios, but did not help me so far. Apologies for this beginner question:


I want to list all data-sets from table A that do also appear in table B. Example:


Table A:

NAME = "John Doe"

AGE = "45"


NAME = "Mic Jagger"

AGE = "72"


Table B:



==> I want to have a table "FIRST NAME;AGE" (that I can export into a csv) that lists all data, which have matching First name "John" (assuming, that NAME in Table A do include the first name).


Result derived from the example is: "John";"45"


Technically speaking, is that an "inner join", "outer join", "left join" ...?


Any help? many thanks