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Two Server Deployment - DNS / IP Issue

Question asked by theusualsuspect on Oct 4, 2017
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I'm probably missing something simple, but my upgrade from FMS 15 to 16 had some hiccups, and one thing in particular is tripping me up.


I've got a two machine setup, a master and worker. (Master is mac, worker is PC). To access Webdirect solutions, I've got a dynamic DNS service for my dynamic IP. In FMS 15, would route to my worker machine (Port 80 is open and port forwarded to the ip address of my worker machine). No problems.


In FMS 16, when I go to the same url ( I'm getting redirected to the internal IP of my worker machine, which of course doesn't work. Looks like


The manual says use a fully qualified domain name (FQDN) to fix this. Here's where I'm getting into trouble. I can't get a FQDN to point to my server using my dynamic dns service. I've tried mapping to my dynamic dns address and an open port (8080), and using my router to port forward 8080 to the internal ip of the server - doesn't work. What am I missing?


For now I'm using a one machine deployment since that works fine, but I'd love to get my better-spec'd worker to handle the web direct clients. But this redirecting to an ip address is throwing me off. Any ideas? Thanks so much!