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hide field if filename does not contain...

Question asked by sidetrack_ca on Oct 4, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 22, 2017 by bigtom

My sales people enter in information when a sale is made into a FM table.  each sale has different options and information that needs to be filled out.  Example: if you sell product A, you must answer 5 questions about that sale, however, if you sell product B, you must answer 3 questions that are totally different from the questions presented with product A.


I thought the best way to solve this was to have all of the questions that need to be answered for all products contained as fields inside a table called transactions.  When the sales rep starts a new record the very first thing they pick is a dropdown with the product that they are going to sell (i.e. Practice Anywhere, SATO Bar Code Printer, etc.).What I want to do is have the appropriate questions for the product they select show while hiding all of the others.  I know this is very easy by simply entering into the hide field when transaction::ProductName ≠ "Practice Anywhere".  The issue comes in that we often times have temporary products that are still in the same category and require the same questions as the normal version of the product.  For example, we have a product called "Practice Anywhere" and you might need to answer 5 questions that are specific to that product.  We might also have a product called "Practice Anywhere Promo-11-1-2017_12-1-2017" so, what I really need to do is figure out a "hide when field does not contain Practice Anywhere" this way the promo item shown above will still show the correct extra fields to enter rather than hide them.


I hope this makes sense!


thank you for your help and guidance!