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How to concatenate two JSon in one object

Question asked by CrimesTechno on Oct 5, 2017
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I need to concatenate two JSON in one object they are not filled in the same script.  Is it possible and how it must be done?

Here is what I tried and I've got only the first part in my JSON.



Définir variable [$$partie1 ;JSONSetElement ("{}";

["Numero";Dossier::NumeroDossier ; JSONString];["Id_Employe";Dossier::ID_Employe;JSONNumber];["NumeroLot";$$noLot;JSONString];  ["Statut";Dossier::Statut;JSONString]




Définir variable [$$partie2; [JSONSetElement ("";["id_Detail";DetailInformation::Id_Detail;JSONNumber]; ["Adresse";DetailInformation::Adresse;JSONString];



Définir variable [JSONSetElement ( $$obj_facture;facture::Id_Facture; $$partie1 & $$partie2; JSONObject)]