How can we control the modification/edit previlege of records entry by others?

Discussion created by jayankurian on Oct 5, 2017
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Hello my friends....

Not sure my discussion title word it correctly.


Here the detail is.

15 employees enter data into a large DB in my institution.

All have access to all the fields and anyone can edit and modify anyone's entry.

Employees are complaining that others are modifying their records and it creates lots of issues.


Now, my question is how can I control the edit privilege of the employees.

In other words, I do not want anyone alter any of my data I entered into the system (about 41 fields), and I shouldn't be able to edit anyone's data either. (we all have full edit access to all the fields in the DB)


How can I achieve this goal.

Hope it is not a complicated one to achieve without much script.


Thank you all.