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inconsistent scrolling FileMaker Go 16

Question asked by scoonz on Oct 5, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 6, 2017 by Magnus Fransson

The .jpg is a screen shot of my clients database on iPad 10.5" The layout is the correct depth for landscape with right autosizing. The correct behaviour exists, the screen does not scroll up and down. In portrait mode there is a grey section at the bottom which I'm at a loss to change the colour. It's not in the inspector. The only way to remove it is to make a field/text box have bottom autosizing. The file attached demonstrates this.


So here is the issue! If I make one of the fields/text boxes in my clients layout bottom autosized the grey section then matches the background of the body BUT you can scroll up and down which I don't want. Weirdly this does not happen in landscape. I do not know if the file is corrupted is some way.


Ideally it would be better to be able to change the colour of this grey section.


Any ideas greatly appreciated.