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Adjust Window Fails to minimize or hide windows

Question asked by philmodjunk on Oct 5, 2017
Latest reply on May 15, 2018 by philmodjunk

FileMaker 16

Windows 10


Adjust Window fails to hide or minimize a window from another file, making this change to the file with the script that is being performed instead.


Please download and test the attached test file. It's a zip of three files. The "test opener" attempts to open the other two files and then hide them from view by using Adjust window to minimize them. The windows do not get minimized. Instead, the testOpener file is minimized.


Running the script in the debugger, you can see the windows of the other two files get the focus due to using Select window (I did this to be sure that I had the focus on the correct window), but nothing happens to the windows except that TestOpener disappears after the last step is performed.


There is no info in Help to suggest that this should not work.


I've also included a work around script that successfully hides the windows by performing a script located in each of the two test files. These scripts can successfully use the Hide or Minimize options to hide the windows.


This is an especially critical issue at the moment given the "All scripts deleted" bug and the advice from FileMaker techs to explicitly open and then hide each window that might otherwise be opened hidden in the background to keep this bug from trashing a file hosted on your server.