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I have a <<subscription>> field
And two fixed dates << date1 >> and << date2 >> are global fields where I insert the renewal dates that are always the same at the beginning of the year and in the middle.
I would like to make a field calculated << renewal >> that will give me a text: "renew!"
Using cases, I repeat conditions because I schematically illustrate the problem here:
(date1) --------- (entry) -------------(date2) -------------------------------(end of year)
(Data1(subscription)) -------------- (date2) -------------------------------(end of year)
(date1) ------------------------------- (date2) ----- (subscription) -------(end of year)
(Data1) ------------------------------- (date2(subscription)) --------------(end of year)

There are 4 variants. Registration may take place on the same day or after the date of registration and renewal must be made at the due date. But at the end of the year the renewal is the beginning of the following year.
I have not been able to easily translate these instructions so that they do not have an endless script.