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Button bar setup displays wrong options

Question asked by NBusch on Oct 5, 2017
Latest reply on May 15, 2018 by TSGal

Product and version (e.g. FileMaker Pro 14.0.3)

OS and version Windows 10 Enterprise



When a button bar has more than 1 segments that call scripts, the button bar setup dialog will not show the options "exit current script" and "pause current script" correctly


How to replicate

Build a button bar with three segments. Let each segment call a script and set the options so that segment 1 and 3 have "pause current script" while segment 2 has "exit current script". Exit the dialog.

Double click segment 1 so that the setup dialog is displayed. The option will correctly read "pause current script". Use the arrow to navigate to the next segment. The option will still read "pause current script", which is wrong here.

Exit the dialog and open it again by double clicking segment 2. Now all options will read "exit".


Workaround (if any)