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Connecting Filemaker to Excel

Question asked by acohen231 on Oct 6, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 6, 2017 by Mike Duncan

Hello All!

Thanks in advance I appreciate any help.


I would like to create a “live excel spreadsheet” which will be automatically updated from FileMaker.

I am a newer employee, but I can access and find out any version information or DB info I need about FM.

Here is a list of technologies I can implement easily, these are things I’ve used before so I do like them, but I'm open to any ideas:

XAMPP- automated DB builder


Jenkins – Continuous integration server

Gscript- google office scripting language (very powerful)



I have read through a lot of posts so far, I can link them if anyone is interested.

Basically, I know that in order to set this up I’m going to need some sort of middle man server to manage the push and pull.

My question is how do I accomplish this? My ideas are below, any ideas or tutorials on accomplishing this would be really appreciated.

  1. FileMaker – XAMPP (apache,ODBC) – access – Excel
  2. Filemaker – Jenkins – Gscript – Google sheets
  3. FileMaker – XAMPP (Apache, ODBC) – Jenkins- Excel
  4. FileMaker – Access – Excel

I’d love to do option 4, I have a feeling option 1 is the most likely. Seriously though any advice or ideas are greatly appreciated.




EDIT: By the way I can import/export to excel no problem, i need to automate it though.