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Insert File Script Step Fails with Minimum Menu Options

Question asked by philmodjunk on Oct 7, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 6, 2018 by TSGal

FileMaker Pro Advanced 16

Windows 10


This report documents an unwelcome behavior change between FileMaker 15 and FileMaker 16.


If you set up an account with the "Minimum" available menu commands option, the Insert File script step fails with a "command is not available" error. If you test the same file in FileMaker 15, the script works without error.


To test: Download the test file, Open it in v16  and run the "relogin" script to log in with a limited access password. (file's admin account is the default with no password specified). Then run the script.

Expected behavior is that you should get a dialog opening to use to select a file to insert into the container field. Actual result is that an error code is returned (no error dialog) and the specified field gets the focus.


Repeat these steps, but open in v15 and the script runs without error, opening the File dialog as expected.


This is unwelcome as it is not uncommon (Especially for developers not using Advanced to create a custom menu) to remove options from menus, but then provide a script to do the same task via a button or script trigger, but for this script step at least, this is no longer an option and could cause issues for existing solutions when they are upgraded to v16.


One wonders how many other script steps are affected by this change.