Approval Workflow.. wich strategy?

Discussion created by dsciuto on Oct 7, 2017
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Good evening to the whole community and first of all thanks for your help.

I have developed a database for managing product purchase practices. At the moment I created 4 sets of privileges (compiler, supervisors, verifiers and finally purchase_office).

Now I need to create an approval workflow and I do not know the best strategy to use.

my goal is:

1-compiler inserts and cannot longer modify.

2- supervisors: can approve or reject and modify

3- verifiers: they can approve.

4-Every step has to keep track of the status change of the practice.


I thought I would hide the various approval buttons until is reached the desired state ... I don't like it ...or create a record related to the practice that contains the approval data at each step (who, how, when, ....)

I have some doubts ... I would not use duplicate records and to avoid the changes I would like to use field verification ...

I'm confused in short .... look tips helpful by the most experienced of me.

Thanks and sorry for my english .... here in italy the educational system is a bit bad .... and also me  :-)