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zebra barcode scanner SDK for IOS.  What am I looking at? 

Question asked by ericjlindholm on Oct 8, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 25, 2017 by jackrodgersjr

Hello All,

I have been using a wedge type bluetooth barcode scanner with some success but asking my users to always click back into a specific field for it to work is a bit of a headache.  Scripting all the returns to that field has been less then predictable and frustrating for all.  I am looking for a way to trigger a script from the scanner to process the inbound values from the scanner.


We scan 1000s of codes per day and every scan needs to trigger a process in my DB to give immediate feedback to the user.  Batch scanning is not an option. 


I have my eye on the infinite peripherals IOS stuff and the IOS app, FMLinea.  Im sure I can make that work but we have been using a ruggedized pistol grip scanner linked to an iPad that has been killing it from a hardware perspective. 

I dont really want to buy hardware that is tied to the relevance of a specific piece of apple hardware. 


Some further research has brought me to the zebra scanner IOS SKD.  With all the new features in FM16, I am thinking that there has to be a way to pass a scanned value into FMgo and trigger a script.  I am not very versed in other programing languages but I need to know what I am looking at so I can research the option of outsourcing this project or digging in and teaching myself. 


Can anyone tell me some key words to start researching so I can try to connect a few dots?