Displaying Summary Field From Related TO

Discussion created by laguna92651 on Oct 8, 2017
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I have a summary report (T025_OPPORTUNITIES) that I am trying to show a Summary field, sum_YTD_Monthly_Quota_24, in the sub-summary part from a related TO (T025c_opportunities_QUOTA||match_mon_year.)

The summary report is showing the value of the field that Summary field is totaling, not the calculated value in the Quota List TO (T025c_opportunities_QUOTA||match_mon_year.) I can't seem to configure the relationships properly to pull in the YTD Quota value from (T025c_opportunities_QUOTA||match_mon_year.)


I would also like to compute a percentage with two values in the sub-summary part, Mo YTD Won / Mo YTD Quota, if I remember correctly this has to be handled differently than just dividing the two values?


I've attached a sample file, I've tried to cut it back as much as possible.

The summary report is the Sales Forecast and the YTD Quota values can be seen in the Quota List. The YTD Quota values were initially generated for plotting of those values.