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FileMaker Pro 16 has stopped working - crash

Question asked by Betterhear on Oct 9, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 17, 2017 by TSGal

Product and version: FileMaker Pro (and Advanced) 16.02

OS and version Windows 10 Home and Professional

Hardware: Manufacturer: Acer

Model: predator G3-710

Processor Intel core i7-7700 CPU at 3.60 GHz

32 GB installed memory

64-bit operating system (both Windows 10 home and professional)



Note: This problem applies to FileMaker Pro 16. I have no problems whatsoever with FileMaker Pro 15.03 or .04 (regular or advanced)


Since about two weeks ago, I am longer able to send mail from Microsoft Outlook or go to any layout that has any web viewer on it. The system sends a message that "FileMaker Pro has stopped working" and then closes.


I thought the problem might be with my solution, even though I have not had any problems with it with previous versions of FileMaker Pro, including .fp7 just recently. However, I believe that the problem may have something to do with my new computers and FileMaker Pro 16.


In order to test, for the process of elimination, I decided to ignore my own solution and create a brand-new FileMaker file. The file contains one table and one field. I typed three characters into that one field on that one layout and had no problems. I then created a new layout, and placed a simple web viewer on layout. I used the default Google maps web viewer calculation. Before going back into browse mode, I navigated in layout mode back to the original default, single field layout. After entering into browse mode, I had no problem, again, on that simple layout. However, as soon as I navigated to the layout that had a simple web viewer, the system crashed.


I then tested a simple send mail script and the system crashed using Microsoft's latest version of Outlook. I downloaded and installed Mozilla Thunderbird email client and made that the default email client. The send mail script did not create any problems with Mozilla Thunderbird.


I am aware of the 32-bit/64-bit issue regarding FileMaker Pro and Microsoft office. Therefore, both of my installations are 32-bit for FileMaker Pro and Microsoft office. I have never had a problem with FileMaker Pro 15, using the send mail script.


I am not having the problem on any Dell computers, using both Windows 7 and Windows 10 professional. I have updated all computers with suggested Windows updates.


I would very much appreciate any input from the community. Please let me know if you need further information. This is only my second comment in many years of being a developer.