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Getting a filename

Question asked by amsc on Oct 10, 2017
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In my current solution, for system imports I use a nifty feature of "insert file" where I use the (soon to be deprecated) feature "reference only".  What my solution allows is for the user to click into a text box which triggers a script with the "insert file" command.  This opens an operating system file navigation window where you can find and select the file in question.  By using the "reference" feature, I don't end up uploading the file when they select it; just the file name.  When all files are selected and the import process is started, files are systematically imported and processed. (I've included a screenshot of the section of the script that handles this). 


It is my understanding that the "reference only" feature is on the deprecated list. (I'd LOVE to be wrong on that!)  I know a solution could be to simply import the file right then, but the user is picking 6 rather large files.  The beauty of what I have now is that the file upload process is done after the user has selected all of the files and clicked "import all".  If I switch to uploading when they select, then the user will have to wait for each file to upload before selecting the next one.


What alternatives are there?  I need the user to be able to select the file wherever it may be on their computer.  I'd like to be able to grab just the path/filename for that file.