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How to develop a database with Table Generalization and self-joins

Question asked by daniel1235 on Oct 9, 2017
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I come from a traditional RDBMS environment, mainly SQL servers, where we are given a lot freedom and functionalities that don't have a direct/easy translation into Filemaker DBs. As a result, I am having difficulties implementing and architecting the Filemaker database. Basically, I need to achieve the following functionalities:


For this example let us use a traditional HR portal to illustrate what I want to do.


1) Be able to use Foreign-Keys to designate hierarchy from the same table... i.e. An employee's supervisor

1.1) Given that Filemaker forces me to create a separate table for this, will the second table have to be maintained independently from the original table? Will the data from the original table transfer automatically and transparently?


2) How to develop/implement the concept of Generalization in filemaker? i.e. An employee get assigned different Work-Assets (PCs, cellphone, backpacks, cars, etc)


Thank you all in advance,