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How to get ValueList data from Portal records on another database

Question asked by pabloprat on Oct 9, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 10, 2017 by beverly

Hi, I´m trying to do the following but I only get the first "related value":

I have a Customers DB which contain 2 tables, one for all data from a customer and a second one to store contact info from that customer... I could have a customer/client who may have many contacts, lets say from different departments and this ones go to a different table and on my main Customer DB and I add them via a portal.


Now I have another DB which is for making Production Orders and I select the customer/client and when I try to select the contact name (for example), I only get the very first "related" contact from the Customers table which contains contacts.


I´m attaching some images of what I´m doing... I got the Customer DB with the portal records of Contacts, then the field in Production order where I need to get the Values from the portal records (contacts) of the Customers DB and lastly my ValueList arrangement where I´m tryin to get the values from the Customers DB portal.


Thanks for all your help !!!