FMS 16.0.3 update issue on OS X 10.11.6?

Discussion created by BruceHerbach on Oct 10, 2017

I just installed the FMS 16.0.3 update.  When I ran the update it gave me a message,  "Unable to install update while server is running.  Please stop server"  Prior to running the update I had opened the Web/management screen and stopped the server.  


I initially tried using fmsadmin with stop server and stop admin server.  However these did not resolve the issue.


I was finally able to do the install by using the following set of fmsadmin commands:

fmsadmin Stop -f  server

fmsadmin Stop -f  adminserver

fmsadmin Stop -f  FMSE

fmsadmin Stop -f  FMSIB

fmsadmin Stop -f  XDBC

fmsadmin Stop -f  WPE


Once all of these had completed,  the new version did install and everything appears to running correctly.

The server is a Mac Mini ( Late 2012 ) with 16 GBytes ram running OS X 10.11.6