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15 Tb DB

Question asked by lolli_group on Oct 10, 2017
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I always take care of your advice, while working on Filemaker, so this is a new question.

One customer has a big 15 Tb data with documents in PDF and images, and most part is into different Filemaker DB.

He would like to merge in a unique DB.


The problem is that I would like to have data in cloud, but obviously 15 Tb are too expensive, for any Filemaker host.

So a possibility is to develop this FM DB with external folder in web, and put in this folder all pdf and images.

This is ok for new one, but what to do with already included pdf? What to do with Filemaker DB with some pdf and pics into? How to separe and extract ? (maybe using MBS ?)


Or maybe I could use a MySQL DB with pdf and pics into, and connect Filemaker to the MySQL DB with ODBC.

Is this a better idea ?


Thank you for your tips !