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Creating a Stacked chart in Filemaker Pro 16

Question asked by gubal12 on Oct 10, 2017

I am new to Filemaker Pro. Been learning and using (at the same time :-) ) for the past 6 weeks. I am looking to create a stacked bar chart but having issues creating a stacked chart. Below is the scenario and hope i have explained it well enough.


I have 5 Companies that sell  the same A,B,C,D,E products across the country. I need to create a chart that has the percentage of sales by product at the national level. The second chart will have the sales of the same products by each company at the national level.


First Y Axis (Percentage sales for all companies by Product =  (Sales of each product by all companies / Sum of all sales of all products). So i have a bar chart that shows Product A percentage of sales, Product B Percentage of sales... etc;


Second Y Axis (Percentage of sales for Company AA) = (Sales of each product by Company AA / Sum of all sales of Company AA)


I have had little luck creating a stacked chart in a new layout. I am able to get the national percentages by product to chart however, when i try to chart the company sales percentages i am having issues.


Any suggestions are truly appreciated. Please note i am a rookie when it comes to Filemaker Pro. Thanks in advance