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File Not Functioning in List and Preview Modes

Question asked by mrosenhek on Oct 11, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 13, 2017 by gdurniak

I posted this last night


I updated 16.0.3 today and now I find that PREVIEW and List view is not functioning. Anybody else have this issue? OR is this something else I had not noticed till now? See attached 4 files.

On the other hand, when I log into a client's db (they are not using the new server update), list and preview do work properly.

I am using:

Mac OS 10.12.6

MacBook Pro"


BUT ....

I tested with other desktop files and they are working fine. So there is something with this one specific file!

One more thing about this file; the issue is NOT when using TABLE view. It is fine in Browse and Preview!

Any idea what is going on?


BTW, I ran recovery on a copy of the file and it came back as fine.