16.0.3 Auto-Updater Goofiness

Discussion created by hschlossberg on Oct 11, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 16, 2017 by user19752

On Windows 7 Professional (64 bit)

Steps taken:


1) Upon opening FMPA 16.0.2 yesterday, I got a message telling me there was an update available and I clicked 'Install Update'.  It took a minute to download, installed, everything seemed fine, and I opened it again.  I did not check that it was actually 16.0.3; I just assumed it was.


2) When I opened 16 today, I got the same message, telling me I only had 16.0.2.  I clicked 'Download Update' on the first message and then 'Install Update' on the second, and I then got a Windows message saying that FileMaker had closed improperly and would I like to report it.


3) I opened FMPA again and manually ran the 'Check for Updates'.  It told me I still needed to update.  This time, since the message says to close FileMaker Pro Advanced (and in the next sentence that FMPA will quit), I decided to try closing FMPA before clicking 'Install Updates', but the installer also closed when I closed FMPA.


4) I repeated step 3, but tried it again without manually closing FMPA.  This time there was NO file download and about two seconds later it told me it was done.  Sure enough, when I restarted FMPA and checked the version, it was on 16.0.3 and a manual check of the updater also told me I was up to date.


We'll see what happens tomorrow...