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LDAP Authentication and High Sierra

Question asked by hbecerra on Oct 11, 2017

In past versions of FileMaker server and macOS 10.12 and earlier I was able to connect and authenticate to a FM networked file hosted in mac with FMP (not server) using one of the Local macOS users (defining that in  security obviosly) now in 10.13 (High Sierra) it looks like Apple withdraw LDAP (or at least its off in 10.13), If I install the macOS-ServerApp, the App enables LDAP and it works again, (but broke the web direct).


1) Does anyone have the same issue ?

2) Does anyone knows how to activate LDAP in macOS ? (with out installing the Server App)


And please DONT recommend authenticate against the internal FM users db, its not practical for us because we use other LDAP data, the database have been hosted in a single machine for many years and the 40+ users connects to the db just once or twice in a day for 1-2 minutes to write just a few numbers  from other FMP or FMGo and then disconnects, eventually we will install a REAL server with Windows and AD or macOS Server and we will bind the machine but thats other history.