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Calc for spotting unique value from a list

Question asked by WF7A on Oct 11, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 12, 2017 by siplus

Greets, all:


I need a calculation that checks to see if a unique value (notice the singular) in a specific field exists in a found set of records; the calc can either be in native FileMaker code or use ExecuteSQL.


Obviously, I could use the Find command but iI'd like to avoid that since even with using Freeze Window there's some flickering and klunky code to add, too; a calc that would tell me that the value is there would solve things very neatly.


I thought of using PatternCount with ListValues but the problem is that since the value I'm looking for is spelled, Master, it will count/find Masters so that won't work.


Thanks in advance for your help!