Suppress "FileMaker cannot share file because network sharing is turned off." dialog when opening shared file on client?

Discussion created by AdamSnyder_1 on Oct 11, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 12, 2017 by bigtom

I would really like to fully automate the process of posting offline versions of our database solution.


I already have a script that exports an empty clone from a container and imports data for each branch of our company, then it inserts the fmp file into a container field for deployment to FMGo users.


This works really well, but it requires a user to click a button to begin the process.  The first time it opens the offline file, the dialog "FileMaker cannot share a file because network sharing is turned off." pops up which requires a user to click OK.


I created an automator app that opens the database and runs the script for me.  I would love to just set the automator app to run on a schedule on the server with a cron job or something...


The only thing that is preventing me from automating this fully is the fact that when the first empty clone is opened, that dialog about sharing comes up.  Is there any way to suppress it?  Or is there a way to script the MacOS UI to click the button for me?