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selection box & other UI graphical elements persist after mouse release

Question asked by ferrousjack on Oct 11, 2017
Latest reply on May 15, 2018 by TSGal

FileMaker Pro Advanced (but same issue on FM 15 Pro Adv)

MacOS High Sierra 10.13

MacBook Pro 2016



I'm having issues with some graphical elements of the FM user interface persisting when they should not.

First, the transparent selection box that is shown when clicking and dragging to select with the mouse in layout mode intermittently persists after the mouse (or trackpad) is released. It does not happen every time I drag to select.

Second, in layout mode, when I select a layout object (field, box, slider, or any object that has handles) sometimes the transparent yellow box that displays the current dimensions (width & height) persists after mouse or trackpad release. The box persists even if I exit layout mode and enter browse mode. It also persists on top of other applications... it's hovering here as write this post... The only way to get the box to disappear is to select the handles of another layout object in layout mode, or restart the application.


It's still possible to work with application, but it's certainly an annoyance. It also makes manipulating small or crowded layouts with lots of objects very tedious.


I wondered if it might not be an issue with FM, but it only happens with FM. It happens in both 15 and 16 for me.


Any ideas? Images attached.