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Export records script step produces invalid csv file

Question asked by woggha on Oct 13, 2017
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Export records script step produces invalid csv file


FileMaker 16v3 FileMaker Server 16v3



Operating system version

Windows 10, Windows Server 2012 R2

Description of the issue

Export records script step produces invalid csv file on Windows platform using UTF-8 encoding. If I want to export desired record, it also include many Chinese characters into it. When I change encoding to Windows(ANSI), it works well, but this encoding doesn't support all characters the my solution needs to. When I try export the same from this Windows-hosted file, but on Mac client, it works fine. 


How to replicate

Upload attached .fmp12 file onto FMS 16v3 server, open file from FMPA16v3 client and export selected one record  by "Export - local" script into desktop. It also produce error when it is called as Perform Script On Server by "POS export" script.

(Resulted invalid csv files are included in atachement.)


In FileMaker Pro 16 Help  it is mention, that there is some limitation for field with bigger amount of data, but I didn't find anywhere any further limit specification. It seems that in later version it was decreased... I would at least assume, that if these issue is caused by some limit, it won't add any additional bunch of nonsensical characters.