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FileMaker Online Help: JSON Wrong Samples for FR and ES

Question asked by FredoMkb on Oct 11, 2017

- Configuration: FileMaker Pro Advanced 16.x - Mac Os Sierra 10.12.6 - iMac 2017


- Description:

The sample codes present on the JSON function presentation page are erroneous in the French and Spanish translations of the FileMaker online help, compared to the corresponding English page that is correct.


The issue comes from an inversion between the "bakery" and "product" nodes, instead of having a path "bakery.product[" & $i & "]id", the codes present a path "product.bakery[ "& $i &"]id", which is erroneous with respect to the sample JSON code provided at the bottom of the page.


The issue does not appear to exist in the Dutch, German and Portuguese translations, I have not checked other translations.


- How to replicate:

Check these translation pages of the FileMaker online help:

• Codes EN = OK:

• Codes NL = OK:

• Codes DE = OK:

• Codes PT = OK:

• Codes FR = Error:

• Codes ES = Error: