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Layout change crashes FileMaker.  Sharing & Looking for solutions

Question asked by Devon Braun on Oct 12, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 20, 2018 by TSGal

Working with FMPA 16 / FMS 16 crashes are frequent but intermittent. (Following up on this question... Layout change crashing program )


I'm on Mac OS Sierra with FMPA, Mac OS Sierra with FMS, Version 16 of FM.


I can often change layouts -- let's say volleying between the same 3 layouts while working on 1 database -- but after 10 times or so FMPA will eventually crash.


I'm using about 10 different FileMaker databases, each with multiple layouts.

All of them crash at one point or another on layout change.

None of these databases uses any sort of layout script trigger (or any script triggers for that matter)


Here are the causes I've been able to determine so far:

- Cause 1: Going to a list view layout containing a portal in the footer and whose relationship is a many-to-many (i..e Portal links to a middling join table which in turn links to a 3rd table whose fields are represented in the portal) on an FMS-hosted databases can/will result in a layout that crashes every time you arrive to it.


1) Put the portal into a Tab Object inside a Tab Area that is NOT the default when the layout opens.  FMP does not crash when you arrive to that layout and, mercifully, does not crash when you activate the tab containing the portal.

2) Alternatively, ignore the Tab Object solution, and change layouts by first going into layout, then changing layouts, then returning to browse mode.  (I'm including this less as actual solution than as a heads up: it's not that the offending layout can't be arrived at.  It's that you can't do it in a straightforward manner, which would seemingly point less to corruption in the layout than a bug somewhere in the software)


- Cause 2: FMPA has been sitting idle or a while, connected to an FMS-hosted database, and the first thing you do when you take up work again is change the layout.  SOLUTION: Do something else before changing the layout or use the #2 solution from above.


- Cause 3 (Wildcard): In spite of the above-two causes/solutions FMP will nonetheless crash on changing layouts using hosted databases.  Not always, but after 10 times or so as described above.  Possible cause: It may be that  there are fields from a relationship in the default Tab.  I'll test suspected layouts by adding a completely empty default tab, and burying all other items in default-inactive tabs to see if that's a 100% solution.


Any additional insights would be greatly appreciated.  I've been experiencing this with FMPA / FMS since FMP12, 13, 14 & 15 across many many databases.  I'm currently on 16 and it's just something I deal with, but it be great if it were ultimately addressed and resolved.