Generating text-string of sorted fieldvalues from related table

Discussion created by tkemmere on Oct 13, 2017
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Dear all,


Pffew. It's been a while. I'm back at my project/customer and have to get Filemaker back in my fingers again. I'd like to ask your help.


I currently use a layout that is generated to list a number of addresses. It is exported as a PDF. To list the related addresses, I use the command LIST (Locations::Nice adrress name). And the Nice address name is a calculation filed (in the table Locations) that puts City, Street+zip and Buildingname together with a bullet in front. (Calculation result is Text).


But the problem is, this aproach doesn't sort in any controllable way. I'd like to sort the list first by city and then by address.


How do I go about generating this text-string containing the same list of related addresses, but sorted by city and Address? (I seem to have lost my wit after not FileMakering for about a year ).


I think I need to drop the LIST command. And use a script that goes to the Locations table (only related), sorts them, and then takes the nice names one by one, but how do I put these in a variable and keep adding new lines. Is there an "append text to a variable" command?


Thanks very much for your help. Regards, Thomas.