Boolean False vs Null Indication Fields, which do u prefer and y?

Discussion created by ericjlindholm on Oct 13, 2017
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This is likely minutia and the answer is probably pick one and stick with it. 



I call these fields indicators or "is" fields.  I name them like isCustomer, isVendor.  It keeps them all nicely grouped in alpha order and read well for me in code.  for example.


if [ people::isVendor ]

if [ not people::isCustomer]


Because most script steps and functions see both, null and false as false, I don't run into too many issues with this. I did recently with an extend found set where one condition was that a valve be null.  I was using a boolean toggle that was

set field [people::isVendor ; not isVendor] to toggle the boolean.  that script step reads more clearly to me than

set field [people::isVendor ; if( people::isVendor ; 1 ; "" )


but I in a find, = and 0 do not return the same results  (unless there is a way  to find both. )


I need to choose to autofill a false boolean field with a 0 or script all my toggles to be sure to set a null instead of not. 


One minor point for using the null is that my most used value list that only contains 1 for checkboxes natively leaves a null when checked and unchecked. 


I am guessing that using a null will get slightly better performance and using the false will be a little easier to code.  That being the case, I choose the negligible performance gain I guess. 


and you?


Thanks for indulging me!