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FM GO records to FM server DB

Question asked by gpontaro on Oct 13, 2017
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I have created a FM application, with which I would like to import and export records from a "similar application" hosted in a FM server. The applications on FMGO is saved on the ipad.



I can easily import record from the server on FMGO with an IMPORT script.

Import Records [Verify SSL Certificates; With dialog: On/Off; “<source or filename>”; Add/Update existing/Update matching; <platform and character set>]


in other words

Import records using fmnet:/<ip address>/fb_db_sync.fmp12 as server path


The problem is to do the opposite task, upload RECORDS from FMGO to FM Server DB with Export command.

Export records [With dialog: On/Off; “<output filename>”; Automatically open; Create email; <platform and character set>]


I tried to insert direct


Export records using direct fmnet:/ip address/fb_db_sync.fmp12


but it doesn't work, the same if I create a variable with the path and I use the variable.


Set variable fmnet:/ip address/fb_db_sync.fmp12

Export records using variable name


Any idea if possible ? how ? or what kind of workaround I have ?



Thanks a lot