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Script on Server runs forever and hung server

Question asked by tikidewey on Oct 14, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 18, 2017 by Vincent_L

Have been having problem with FMS 12 Advance with the Script on Server that runs non-stop even I have already set a time limit of 10 mins to every scripts that run on the server. This time limit sometime works and send me an email to let me know the script exceeded the time limit but sometimes it just does not do much and just hung the entire server's processing. So I guess I can say the time limit function is unreliable. While at the meantime, I know all I have to do is to reset the server and everything will be fine until the next incident.


When I look at the server log, I only see a huge time gap from the time the non-stop running to I reset the server. No information is found.


My question is has anyone run into this non-stop running script and found the cause of it. I notice that this server non-stop running script exist in almost all versions of FileMaker Server. All posts are only on how to get out of the non-stop running mode but nobody actually figure out what is the cause of the behavior.


This is like a time bomb in my life. Cannot tell when the behavior will happen until choas happen.