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New Window error (3) when performed on Server

Question asked by matthewbellin on Oct 13, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 3, 2017 by rcollins

The file is running on FileMaker Cloud.  It is up-to-date.   My client is Advanced running on Windows 7 Pro.


Variations on this issue have been posted before. 


I have a script that runs locally without problem.   When it is performed on server it does not run.

The problem is the New Window step, when run on the server, generates a Error 3 (Command is unavailable.)


If the step is 'New Window' with the layout specified, I get the error.

If the step is 'New Window' with Current Layout (followed with the 'Go to Layout' command to go to my desired layout) then it runs fine.


My problem is there are scripts that are triggered upon opening a new window with the Current Layout that I don't want executed, so the ability to open a window and specifying a different layout instead of the current is very useful. 


There are work-arounds, but it would be nice if the step worked.   At minimum, the documentation should not show this as a step supported on server.