New LOgiCATOR Blog Post Published: "Ready, Set, Integrate"

Discussion created by mark_scott on Oct 13, 2017
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We just published the third (and biggest yet) blog post on LOgiCATOR, "LOgiCATOR Part 3: Ready, Set, Integrate…Into Your FileMaker Apps."


LOgiCATOR is our free, open module that uses card windows, JSON, and the function-separation model to allow you to add a modern, powerful, and intuitive search interface to your FileMaker layouts with very little effort.


This post is the big one!  It's the promised "integration-ready" version of LOgiCATOR, complete with instructions to help you add LOgiCATOR to your solutions . . . today.  (We previously suggested you hold off on integrating, but a lot of engineering work aimed at making integration easy has now come to fruition.  So if you've been holding off, now's the time to jump in.)


The LOgiCATOR module and blog series are also a fantastic way to learn about, and see in action, a number of important FileMaker 16 features (card windows, JSON) and how these are changing the way we FileMaker developers are approaching modular application architecture.  We're all very excited about FileMaker 16 and eager to learn new ways to leverage its features.  You can catch up on the entire series by going to the link above.  Also, if you’re interested in card windows and modular design, check out John Renfrew’s article "The Function-Separation Model for FileMaker development." Among other inspirations, John’s technique of using of an on-timer trigger eliminated the need for a file reference within LOgiCATOR. (More to come on this in the future.)