Replace Field Contents

Discussion created by ResoluteSystems on Oct 15, 2017
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Product and version - FileMaker Pro Adv 16.0.3

Solution host - FM Server 15

OS - MacOS 10.12.6

Client hardware - iMac Core i7


Description -

Replace Field Contents replaces in records outside the current found set. This follows this sequence of script steps:

Go To Related Records on a different layout, in the same window.

The related records are a sub-set of all the records in their table.

The Replace Field Contents applies to only some of the found records.

Replace (any) Field Contents with a calculated value of “” (i.e. nothing).

The Replace impacts all of the records in the table, not just the Found Set.

Running this in the Debugger shows that the Found Set appears correctly.


Workaround - script isolation of the records to be edited and Loop through to clear the field.